Pro Kitesurfing Youth Training Movie 1 – Hunstanton 2015

The Pro Kite Youth Training Program has sprung in to action for 2015 and is aimed at British riders aged 12-18 years old who already know how to kite, but would like to take their kitesurfing to the next level.  Jo Wilson Coaching organizes the program with support from the BKSA.

Team Shot

The Team Shot! Photo: Charlie Railton

The first event kick started in Hunstanton over the weekend of the 16/17th May where the wind gods smiled upon us all and graced us with both sun and wind right from the word go.  The riders varying in size based on their ages were out riding on the 7m – 11m kites for around 3-4 hours on both days.  Split in to 2 groups of 3 and the sessions were broken in to 1 hour blocks either coaching intensive with Jo or film heavy with Boxhead Media

A lively, fun and friendly dynamic emerged around 9am on the Saturday morning when the crew met for the first time then cheering, wooping and laughing continuing long in to Sunday afternoon as the last cars drove away from the beach heading for homes spread across both England and Scotland.


Dynamic stretching to warm up for the first session. Photo: Charlie Railton

The 6 participants were made up of experienced young riders both girls and aged 18 year old, 2 x 12 year olds and 3 x 14 year olds.  The safety crew were from Hunstanton Sailing Club, while media was provided by Boxhead Media.  Jo Wilson was running the coaching.  Incredible potential and talent threw itself across the sky as these kids threw down old tricks and new time and time again.

For the young riders they enjoyed learning new tricks including back and front rolls, unhooked rotations, styling out s bends, surface handle passes and tricks to blind.  All of them have aspirations to learn air handle passes.  Mostly I think they enjoyed being amongst people of their own age.  They wooped each other on successful landing of new tricks and wooped twice as hard in appreciation of the wipeouts.  Sounds of laughter from both parents and children echoed across the beach.


Tom cruising on his 8m. Photo: Charlie Railton

With each event lasting 2 full days there is time to cover off the water topics including safety, injury prevention, sponsorship and competition riding.  This was done with the use of our own private classroom in Hunstanton Sailing Club. With the British Tour hotting up for 2015 and 2 events out of 3 counting towards the British Title these young riders each feel ready to give the junior category their best shot if only to meet up with their new friends and have another blast on the water together.   Its great to see young talent and great news for British Kitesurfing too!

Good luck to all of you competing this coming weekend and a huge thank you to all those who supported this event and made it happen.  To find out more please visit