Raw Kite Tour kicks off

RAWKite British Power Kite Tour

RAWKite is the Club behind the UK Power Kite Progression Tour. The tour consist of 3 cups and 1 freeride event. Each Cup is a standalone event where 2 cup results count towards the National Titles.
The 3 Cup Dates are;
  • Pembrey Cup – 2nd 4th May
  • Essex Cup – 27th – 29th June
  • Westward Ho! Cup (TBC) – 12th – 14th September
The prize giving is to be held at an end of season blow out and freeride at Pembrey called Proj3ct X. RAWKite will be building a full on freeride & terrain course for all levels of riders to enjoy. It will not be a competition but instead a party & celebration to end off the season for all kiters!
The tour is slightly different to before, we are holding a Progression clinic on the Friday before the event where riders can get tips & tricks to help improve their riding. The aim of this is that riders can learn skills & tricks that they can then use in the competition and hopefully make it more accessible.
RAWKite was formed by a team of riders who wanted to help the sport & the competition scene, and the best way to do this was to get involved with helping run the events.
Apart from making it into a progression tour helping riders to progress their riding, we also changed the judging format.
The Judging format is now similar to that of what is used in other sports where it is not just about the trick that is pulled.  Riders will fight to win unto 5 points in their round.
  • Power
  • Technical
  • Amplitude
  • Style
  • Fluidity
This will give a clear winner at the end of each round but it now makes the rider think about the whole package, rather than just going for the biggest trick to win. This should open the competition up to a complete mix of riding styles & tricks and make for a very interesting competition.
Registration is now open for round 1 @ www.rawkite.com/round-1-registrstion
More information on the tour can be found at www.rawkite.com & www.facebook.com/rawkite