Rip Current Research at Perranporth Beach, Cornwall.

Research is being carried out by Plymouth University in partnership with the RNLI and has just started down on Perranporth.

Please be Aware!

Essentially there is scientific equipment in the water, some of which is on scaffold rigs and contains sharp objects. The rigs are exposed at low tide and partly submerged at mid tide. The rigs lie in an area near flat rocks (mid beach) due to the excessive rip currents in this area and are marked by two yellow buoys on either side. Some rigs have flouro tape on the uprights, others have smaller buoys on them to identify them. This area therefore will be dangerous to kitesurfers in the area, particularly those performing airs then landing in the area, or for those people less experienced.

There will be lifeguard presence at the weekends and during school half term, and the survey team during other periods to inform any kiters in the area, but we would like a belt and braces approach so the more kiters who know, the better.

There is a website with all the details of the research found at

Thankyou for your time and if you can do anything to help ensure the safety of kitesurfers in the Perranporth area, we would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Ellie Woodward
RNLI Lifeguard and DRIBS project member