RWE Wavemasters 2012

RWE Wavemasters

October 14th-18th

Westward Ho!

The forecast for the week was looking windy with a great wave forecast for mid week.

Sunday and the wind was nonexistent however with beautiful sunny conditions and a lovely swell rolling in most of the guys took advantage of the day and went surfing or stand up paddle boarding.

Monday and the wind was up – however not that consistent so an Expression session was run for the Ladies , Men’s and Seniors – The wind was onshore and heats were 15 mins long – a lot of fun was had and it proved a good training for the days ahead and to see who was ripping.

Tuesday and the wind was howling hitting 35 knots early in the morning – we went into official competition using the RNLI hut as Race control and judging booth which proved an excellent choice . Meanwhile Nigel was down at the beach informing the riders what heat was up next, posting the results and putting the flags up.


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There was a mixture of strapped and unstrapped riding and in the onshore conditions it was interesting to see the level that these guys were at. A full round of Men was completed and standouts were local lads Alex Bird who after only kiting for 18 months – however a seasoned surfer made it to 4th narrowly beaten by Sean Facey who took 3rd . In the final it was favourite Scotsman George Noble who took the win with his fantastic strapless style ahead of one of the oldest guys from Norfolk Paul Stebbings.

The Ladies did battle in the Extreme conditions and they all did amazing well in the hard conditions, Keira Alwood took the wind ahead of Sarah Rowley and 13 year old Sammy Wiseman in 3rd.

The seniors were next to start there comp however the wind was getting lighter and only the first 3 heats were run before the wind went altogether.

Competition resumed early on the Wednesday with a better cross off shore wind and a forecast of increasing winds and swell. Most of the seniors were on 9m for their heats in some of the best conditions – wave of approx 2 m. Into the losers final was Richard Wiseman from Scotland v Wayne Munden – Richard got some great waves to claim 3rd .In the final it was Trevor Hale 2011 winner who had some great aggressive moves – however it was Marc Rowley’s wave selection that saw Marc take the win as he got 3 huge waves that he rode all the way to the beach.


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With increasing winds and Swell the Men and Ladies had another round to go – it was the biggest swell for 2 years! Jack Ridel did well to get a top 3 and it was a showdown once again in the men’s Final of Paul Stebbings and George Noble – George was in a great form to take the win again riding really well strapless in the lumpy conditions.

The Ladies had another round and Sarah Rowley took the win which meant a tie for the ladies overall  – it had been decided to award the win to whoever had the highest wave sore and so Keira took the overall win .


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1st George Noble
2nd Paul Stebbings
3rd Sean Facey


1st Keira Alwood
2nd Sarah Rowley
3rd Sammy Wiseman


1st Marc Rowley
2nd Trevor Hale
3rd Richard Wiseman