Sea ID Badges

Board Labels: it’s not worth going without one

Losing your board at sea can be a big waste of time and cash.  It’s bad enough having to trawl the local beaches and humbly check in with the RNLI to see if it’s been found, but there could be more consequences.  Somebody will eventually find it and that could be many miles away from where you lost it.  If they think you are still at sea they may call a coastguard station which at the very least is going to be embarrassing if they ever catch up with you.

Permanent markers work but they don’t look good and cut the resell value of your board.  The answer is tough plastic labels, made to last in wet and dirty industrial applications.  The print goes on underneath the top layer so they are pretty much scratch proof.  Not taking the manufacturers word for it Sea-ID tested them and they performed exceptionally well on both kiteboards and landboards.  They were virtually unaffected after several years of regular use and these first test labels are still going strong.

Anything can be printed: images, logos, vertical text, etc. are no problem.  There is a range of colours so you can match to the board, go subtle with a clear backing or stand out with metallic or fluorescent.

Too good to lose your board?  Many an experienced rider has lost theirs due to poor visibility, strong currents or big waves.  Maybe they don’t shout about it but ask around and you’ll soon find somebody who’s lost one.  Don’t be next!

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