The World of Lewis


A catch up with Lewis Crathern – He’s a busy man..


Herne Bay Junior Visit

Earlier on in the month I visited Herne Bay Junior School in Kent as part of my educational programme. Conditions were not great on the day for flying but we had a great time indoors discussing green issues using my kitesurfing aids. Herne bay is well known as a ‘Wind Turbine Town’ as out to sea lies one of the biggest offshore wind-farms in the UK. I find it really interesting working with children that have grown up in an area like this. It is amazing how receptive kids are to the idea of ‘Thinking Eco’.





Wakeboarding At Hove Lagoon

Throughout the year I have been riding at the 2.0 Cable Park just down the road from me. When it’s not windy it is the perfect place for me to train and keep fit. If your not familiar with a 2.0 cable park take a look at the photos attached. Rather then being towed by a kite the line is controlled by a driver, it really feels similar to kitesurfing. I had another great session at the lagoon last week on my new BEST board ‘The Profanity’. I use the same board for Wakeboarding as I do for Kitesurfing, this is quite unique but it works great for both sports!
Hove Lagoon have supported me for quite some time and I would like to thank them for keeping me active even when it isn’t windy!





Extreme Days on The Water At Home

The Winter weather has returned in Worthing which brings us the best kitesurfing conditions of the year. I love being out in the gale force winds and luckily some of the Photographers around our area do too! Thank you to Eunice Bergin for these photos…





Capetown Coming Soon

I am off to Cape Town South Africa on the 1st of January for the winter. My trip to Cape Town is essential each year so that I can kitesurf as much as possible in the off season. Loads of great things happen out there and this year is no different. I won the first big air event last year and I’ll look to defend my title in Febuary! Cape Town provides great conditions for kit development and BEST bring a large team out to work with us team riders, I’m looking forwards to working with them.
I’ll also be running my own Kitesurfing Clinics with a local school as well as being part of a really exciting International clinic with BEST Kiteboarding &