Vanwest 2017 – Land Kiting and VWs, What a Combination

Vanwest, situated in sunny Weston-Super-Mare is one of the countries largest VW shows. Bringing thousands of enthusiasts to enjoy a festival weekend with a VW theme, Powerkiting played an important role in this years activities.

Offering powerkite demos, we saw almost a hundred young people have their first taste of kiting, with many coming back at various points in the day for another go. Not just confined to young people, many adults had a go too, and with the moderate winds and sun, participants really got the bug of kiting.

In attendance were professional land kiters Will Rose, Robin Snuggs and Sukie Robertson who all showed the more extreme side of land kiting with some awesome Landboard and Buggy displays; it certainly drew the crowds and got people on the kites for their own taste.

A great day of kiting, and it shows how easy it is to add kiting to any festivities, allowing many people to enjoy the sport.