Wainman Hawaii UK Tour 2010

Here it is, Summer in the UK, The sudden boom of kite life in Europe is like an unbelievable kite fiesta that requires the repeated descent of the Rabbit Gang.

More than anything else, for just a feel of being there, we once again packed our bags and hit the road. At each stop this year, there will be a real Jam Session.  This series of mellow and fun contests will be run and judged by our team including Lou Wainman  himself, Niccolo, Franz and all others!

You will be able to ride, share your kite soul and party at our remote kite club with the entire WH team. No matter which other gang’s kite or board you use, show some style and make at least one good trick. This will give you an opportunity to win some serious gear and if you don’t win we still love and respect you.

Do your best to plan your week somewhere close to our route and for sure we will have some good times together. Test all the new boards that our entire company was designing, constructing and producing.

We have been working for the last year around the clock with the hope that YOU will like them too, no matter what your style is. The new boards are really smoking, so come demo them. Of course together with the superb Rabbit Kites, that won`t ever stop to rock……right on!

See you soon,  Aloha Rabbit Gang

UK  Schedule :

Poole  section hosted by  @ HYDR8 Watersports 

Friday 23 rd  Poole

10:00  Shop stop at  S2AS (surface to Air Sports)

11:00  Stop at King of Watersports.

14:00  Wainman demo and Jam sessions , meet the Team Lou, Franz, Niccolo, Bertraund.

18:00   Demo Complete

Saturday 24th  

11:00  Official opening of HYDR8 Watersports and Wainman Hawaii  UK Test Centre by Lou Wainman, bring your camera !

14:00  Commence demo jam sessions,  meet the Rabbit Gang and win some prizes.  location TBC on day due to weather conditions

18:00 Demo Complete  

 20:00 Evening function at the Watersports Centre. Food / beer etc see Hydr8 Watersports Website for details.

Sunday 25th. 

11:00 Set up at chosen beach TBC see Hydr8 Watersports Website for details

12:00 Commence Jam and demo sessions win even more prizes.

18:00 Demo Complete

19:00 Beach BBQ to be confirmed

Monday 26th Brighton

This section will be hosted by  Kiteworld magazine

10:00   Depart  Poole to Brighton via Bracklesham Boardriders  for a meet and greet.

11:00  Arrive Bracklesham shop Meet staff and local kiters

13:00  Depart for Brighton  (Lancing Beach)

14:00  Arrive Lancing Beach meet Jim from Kiteworld magazine set up and demo

19:00 – 20:00   Demo complete

Tuesday 27th

11:00    S2AS shop, Brighton , meet and greet with staff and kiters.

13:00  Set up at Lancing  for Full day of demo and jam sessions

18:00  Kiteworld beach BBQ or function tbc

 Wednesday 28th 

Rabbit Gang Depart for Belgium and Netherlands

Agent : Phil Rawcliffe,     Wainman Hawaii UK      Dutch : +31-61097-2974     UK :  +44-754-0773604