Wax.on Tour

A new tour comes to life:

After several years of participation and lots of good experiences and good competition on the wave tour, we want to do a tour, which is aimed at those wanting to ride Strapless in waves. The entire setup will be oriented towards Strapless wave riding and the opportunities and challenges it offers.

We will be surfing in a different format, with longer heats and more surfers in the water. All surfers will have equal time on the water. Participants will be judged by the same rules as in a conventional surf competition by surfers who value flow – combination – style and proximity to the wave.

We want to create an event where being together for a common experience, inspiration and atmosphere must have an equally high priority as the competition itself. Furthermore, we hope that this will inspire others to throw away the straps and get the ultimate experience by allowing the wave to seduce!

The great prizes will be given to the best moves and wildest wipeout, preferably documented in photos or video. There will be professional recorders.

The tour will be held at 3 dates spring – summer – autumn, with NASA’s clubhouse as a meeting point but with the competition held in either the Tolderstien or Middles.

Break free and feel the power!

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Barto, Malling and Moeller
[email protected]