Weymouth Speed Week 2017

Weymouth Speed Week 2017 starts on Saturday 14th October at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. Besides entering the full week’s competition you can also purchase a 2 day event pass and chose any 2 best windy days. There are 4 kite trophies/prizes up for grabs as well as the BKSA champion trophy 2017.  Weymouth Speed Week is a unique event.  The event has attracted some of the world’s top professional and record-holding sailors over the years. The event allows first-time competitors to compete with professionals on the same course – not something normally offered by other events.

Kite boarders and sail boarders compete over a 500m course laid out in Portland Harbour. The number of courses and their positions can vary each day according to the prevailing and anticipated wind conditions. Sailing fast is not simply about sailing in strong winds; whilst strong winds provide the basis for a fast run, a sailor’s ability to sail efficiently and consistently is highly important. Sailing fast in less-than-perfect winds presents an opportunity to demonstrate a sailor’s skill and judgement.

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