Wind Power for the BKSA

The BKSA are proud to announce that its Kiteival Festival events are supported and sponsored by two leading wind power and renewable energy companies.

Redcar Kiteival is sponsored by EDF, while Centrica are sponsoring Hunstanton, Barrow and Blackpool. The BKSA would like to take this opportunity to thank both companies for their support.

The sports displayed at the events harness the power of the wind with the kites pulling riders on the water and the land to enable them to perform amazing tricks.

There will be Kitelandboarding and Kitebuggy Freestyle which sees riders display aerial tricks on their four wheeled boards and three wheeled buggies, whilst on the water spectators can see Freestyle Kitesurfing and Course Racing Kitesurfing. All of the competition classes run at the same time and are free to watch.

Flexifoil kites will be at all of the Kiteival events teaching school children and members of the public about harnessing the power of the wind with a Powerkite in free ‘have a go’ sessions.

These partnerships with EDF and Centrica help to demonstrate how we can harness natural energies around us to convert them into clean power sources.

More information including event dates HERE.