Winners of BKSA Survey!


As you are all know we run a yearly survey with 3 entrants being pulled out by random to win some cool stuff, this year is no different. We are pleased to annouce the winners of the survey below, with a some photos of Les Jephson our first prize winner with his brand new Flexfoil Proton kite.


1st       Les Jephson – Bedfordshire

winner_flexifoil_image-1 winner-of-flefoil-image-2Les Jephoson on the right and Neil from AH on the left


2nd     Richard Wisson – Durham
3rd      Chris Coe – Ipswich

Congratulations Guys, we hope you enjoy your prizes and put them to good use! We look forward to our next survey next year! We would also like to thank our sponsors once again, as with out them we could not offer fantastic prizes Flexifoil , RRD and Palmera Local !

From all of us at the BKSA well done!