San Francisco, California, USA — April 24, 2013: As the world’s fastest-growing community-based weather network, Weendy is pleased to announce the launch of Weendy version 2.3.5, which is chock full of groundbreaking new features.
Breaking away from the old-school model of purely computer-generated forecasts and fixed weather stations, the Weendy app harnesses the power of people, connecting those “in the know” with those that want to know. If you seek the real scoop on weather, speak with a local, right?
Designed to do exactly that, Weendy brings together knowledgeable kiteboarders, windsurfers, surfers, skiers and snowboarders all around the world, connecting them with a revolutionary social-networking platform, making it the world’s first human-generated global weather map for outdoor enthusiasts. Through posting photos, videos, reports and comments, tens of thousands of participants co-create and have access to the dynamic database of trustworthy, real-time weather conditions.
Ultra accurate and easy to use, Weendy version 2.3.5 has scores of innovative new features, including the ability to request reports, declare where you’re going riding, and see where others are at so you can connect with the local community while traveling or visiting a new spot. Additionally, the new version now features snow reports, searching by hashtag, profiles of your favorite pros, integrated news feed, filtering by activity (wind, wave, snow), and the ability to connect with Facebook friends, pros, and the most active users in your area.
And as before, with Weendy, you can follow the reports of friends and the uber-knowledgeable, meet new people, help others decipher real-time conditions, determine when to call in sick, reduce the odds of getting skunked, and much more.
Designed for iOS and Android devices, Weendy is completely free.