Young riders – where are you ?

British Kitesports  together with British Kitesports Coach  Jo Wilson are working together to set up a program for youthhunstanton2010web2014 to give young riders a chance to develop their kitesurfing.  We aim to run a number of 2 day training events during school half terms and holidays.    We are looking for young riders to be involved and want you to get in touch.  The age group we are aiming at are 12-18 years old, but if you are older or younger and would like to be involved then get in touch too!   The events will be crammed full of coaching both on and off the water to help each young rider follow their kitesurfing dreams.  The kind of areas we will be running the training sessions in are:
Being safe: Assessing conditions, choosing the right kite, rigging up safely, launching & landing safely, being ready to hit the safety system at the first sign of danger, ability to self rescue & swim
Progression:  Provide the coaching necessary for the rider to improve their ability within their favourite discipline whether that is freestyle, speed or course racing.  
Style: Encourage free reign for each rider to develop their own style
Competitive Edge: Provide small fun competitions & a British Young Rider Championship as part of the BKSA National Championships in October 2014
Future: Off the water sessions on careers within kitesurfing, sponsorship & competitions.

If this sounds right up your street then please drop us a mail by the 10th December to be considered for the progam

Please fill in the online survey tool here 

Closing date 10th Dec 

Contact [email protected]   This progamme is subject to funding and particpant levels