Yourmood Kitecup, 22-28 August 2011 Nazaré – Portugal


::: YOurmOod KiteCup :::


Disciplines: Freestyle and Waves

It’s time to heat the second round of the Yourmood Kitecup, this time on water, to be held in Portugal, Nazaré, from 22 to 28 August 2011.

As you know, the Yourmood Kitecup is one of the few events in the world involving a competition of kitesnow and one of kitesurfing. If the spot of winter was one of the most beautiful places in the world for kitesnow , and more, (Bernina Pass, Engadine, Switzerland), the water- sesh will also have place in a very a unique place on the Portuguese Coast.

Nazare is a place to explore to all the national and international kite riders, with good wind and constant waves.

The MOOD crew, together with the support of the Nazaré village is making all the efforts to offer 3 different spots for waves and flat, according to different weather potential.

The concept : to award the best riders for each discipline, but also to award him / her for being the best riders on the water and snow. Even if the rider did not come in the winter session, they have all chances to leave with the prize money. A prize money of 2000 euros will be split between the best riders.

On the agenda for that week, a freestyle competition, but also a waves competition will be set, because Nazaré offers an amazing spot of waves.

We are waiting 40 good riders from all over Europe.
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Mood/yourmood is a branded product by cbijoux (trademark in 2001) created by Cedric Chevalley, (kite-addikt too) and jewelry designer for 15 years .

Yourmood has been involved for 5 years in the world of kiteboarding. Very active in competitions it recently attended the slingshot-cpmptetition, Snowkitemaster, 2s echo, little brats, mor then 10 kiteevents are suported each years by mood …

Several internationally renowned riders are supported by Mood: Jeremie Eloy, Fabienne d’Ortoli, Pauline Boussard, Kari Schibevaag, Nuria Goma … And National: Thibaut Razeyres, Romain Luppi, Gaudard Goody, Kevin Hoorens, Pink Pack.

Mood is present with ads in kitesurf magazines as kiteboarder, stance mag and Gustav (urban fashion mag), but also through the competition as well as riders representing that brand.

Mood is also very active on the Internet with several publications in the specialized forums as kitesquad, 01 kitesurfing, but also some banners on the sites and windguru, google adword, facebook ad and Windfinder. These various actions demonstrate the commitment that can have this brand in the world of kitesurfing and his universe.

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For additional informations and registrations please contact: [email protected]

Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters to make this event possible.:

HOST CITY & INSTITUITIONAL PARTNERS – City Hall of Nazare, Nazare Qualifica, CDAN, Regiao de Turismo do Oeste, Qren, + Centro, Federaçao Portuguesa de Kite.
SPONSORS – Dakine (CH), North Kites (CH), Sensation Glisse (CH), Quiksilver (CH), KEA(CH), Liquidch (CH), Ozone (CH), Flysurfer (CH), Hot Tension (CH), Kite Surf (CH), Thermiquea (CH), Ozone (CH).
MEDIA PARTNERS – Stance (FR), Gustav (CH),, (PT), Zona Radical(PT),, Windfinder.