Youth Kite Master

Youth Kite Master Hang Loose Beach

The week prior to the TTR World Championship (25th-29th July) a special project called the Youth Kite Master will be held at Hang Loose Beach and welcomes kite surfers from all backgrounds to come and improve their skills.

Date: 16th-22nd of July
Where: Hang Loose Beach, southern Italy. 38.935085 N, 16.191605 E
Who? Aged between 12 and 19 years old

The idea behind the Youth Kite Master is a series of camps run by kite masters Ruben Lenten and Doronin Ivan. Ruben runs freestyle classes and Doronin the TTR and at the end of the week a scholarship worth 4,000 EUR will be awarded to the two best riders from each discipline.

Hang Loose beach is the venue in the municipality of Gizzeria Lido, southern Italy and provides a great location to kitesurf with numerous amenities such as beach club, restaurant, bar, sports facilities and areas for children. The week will include camping, breakfast lunch and dinner, coaching, airport transfers and use of the Regatta field. The entry fee is 500 EUR.

Registration for the Youth Kite Master 2018

Kite Masterclass is a highly specialised training event open to a group of about 32 riders, specially selected young people, between 12 and 19 years old, who hope to become high-level athletes on the international kitesurfing scene.

There will be two Master Classes of 16 students each, one dedicated to freestyle with special Coach Ruben Lenten and one dedicated to TT: R. The aim of this Masterclass is to give the opportunity to selected young people to improve their technique in some of the main disciplines of kite surfing either TT: R and freestyle and to allow the two best students from each class, chosen from men and women, to win a scholarship that will offer them the opportunity to invest in their sporting future and to experience new and useful opportunities.

The registration form can be found in the links below which can be filled in and sent to Vanina Puteri [email protected] who will be your main person of contact. Further in depth details can be found in the additional pdf document below.

This is a great opportunity to take your kite surfing to the next level – so, what are you waiting for?

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