British Kitesports does not teach people to kite directly.  Instead, we use our expertise to teach Kitesports Instructors and ensure they meet (and maintain) the highest standards at all times.  That instructor training is delivered though our accredited training centres and all courses are run by highly experienced examiners, each of whom have advanced from Instructor, to Senior Instructor, to Inspector and finally to Examiner.

British Kitesports has the UK’s largest network of accredited schools, each of which are regularly inspected and are staffed by qualified British Kitesports Instructors.  To be a British Kitesports Recognised School, the school’s training principal (the person in charge of all training activities) must be a qualified British Kitesports Senior Instructor.

To find your nearest British Kitesports School, visit the ‘Learn to Kite’ page.

If you are an experienced kitesports participant and want to train as in instructor, see the Instructor Training pages in the right hand menu.