Instructor Training – Land

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All British Kitesports Powerkite Instructor Training Courses (ITC’s) are run by British Kitesports Powerkite Examiners and are open to all Kitesports enthusiasts of a suitable standard of riding proficiency/experience. The aim of the  British Kitesports Powerkite ITC is to produce good, competent, keen and professional powerkiting instructors. The emphasis on the course is around safety, communication skills, professional attitude and conduct as an ambassador for kitesports and the British Kitesports. The British Kitesports ITC is the most comprehensive and up to date ITC which includes the entire British Kitesports teaching scheme and career path and details on working in the UK and overseas. The syllabus forms the core of the course package with further areas that include foil training as well as single skin kites, further safety inputs and the legal and administrative requirements an instructor must be aware of when setting up their own school within the UK.

Enrolment requirements

  • Valid British Kitesports Membership
  • A valid minimum 1 day attended First Aid qualification (Online not accepted)
  • Riding / Kiteflying proficiency / experience
  • 12 hours of Shadow teaching experience at a British Kitesports school or prior teaching experience

British Kitesports can put you in touch with centres for training in both of the above – this training must be done preceding the start date of the ITC. A complete two day fast track course can be undertaken to accredit persons to powerkite, Landboard, buggy instructor, First aid certificate including basic powerkite course.

Course Duration

The course is delivered over 2 days although often an evening session is run on the first day concluding the course on the end of the second day.

Powerkite Instructor

Once qualified as a powerkite Instructor you are licensed to teach 6 persons with three kites within a British Kitesports recognised school, club or local authority recognised infrastructure.

Senior Instructor

The purpose and function of a British Kitesports Senior instructor course is to expand on the knowledge and skills learnt on your initial ITC and take the next step on the career ladder. The course is designed to teach and inform experienced instructors about employing staff, safety management systems, running schools, the different courses that can run in schools from learn to Kitesurf, to powerkite and landboard to instructor training, powerboating, first aid. How to run different level groups in areas, run and manage kite flying areas, deal with customers and adverse weather effectively.

All British Kitesports Recognised Schools must have a Senior Instructor as their training principal.

Enrolment requirements

  • Valid British Kitesports Membership
  • A valid First Aid qualification
  • Riding / Kite flying proficiency / experience
  • Powerkite Instructor
  • 150 hours of logged hours
  • Teaching for minimum of 6 months
  • 2 years kite flying

Course Duration

This course is run over two days often including one evening session.


Representatives, and persons wishing to representatives, must uphold (and have upheld) the highest standards of professional conduct at all times and adhere (and have adhered) to the rules of the Code of Conduct published on the British Kitesports website, as amended from time to time. If you are not on this list and want to be please contact [email protected]