Learn to Kite

Get lessons from a British Kitesports School

When you start out it’s really important to get professional tuition from a qualified instructor at a recognised school.

  • Without qualified instruction, kitesurfing and other kitesports can be dangerous.  By investing in lessons with a British Kitesports School you will learn faster and more safely, and you’ll have more fun!
  • Most students at our schools can be up and riding after a 3 day course – this saves you time and money in the long run
  • The British Kitesports Training scheme is so well regarded internationally that ISAF (International Sailing Federation) used it as the basis for the Kitesurfing module of their ‘Learn to Sail’ programme
  • British Kitesports Instructors are also highly regarded internationally, and there’s high demand for them at overseas schools

The Schools listed HERE are all British Kitesports Accredited and are staffed by qualified British Kitesports Instructors:

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