Tribe Watersports

Tribe Watersports

Tribe Watersports is East Africa’s only BKSA approved school. Our staff have been kitesurfing in Watamu since 2000 and are some of the founders of kitesurfing in Kenya. Having spent over ten years traveling the world teaching in numerous locations we have finally decided to settle in Watamu to create a world class watersports centre. We provide an unmatched level of service for seasoned kitesurfers and beginners looking to get away to learn and enjoy the benefits of kitesurfing from a quality facility. At Tribe Watersports we offer lessons, rental, rescue, storage and a beach assistance service. We also run the Watamu Kitesurf Club as part of Tribe Watersports to ensure that all kitesurfers in Watamu are safe when out on the water. Our Head of Training, Ben Kelliher is a newly qualified BKSA examiner allowing him to run instructor training courses from our location in Watamu. Tribe Watersports is located in Medina Palms on Watamu beach. Kitesurfing in Watamu is some of the worlds best due to a variety of conditions that the bay provides. These include large sand bars perfect for learning or for flat water freestyle and a reef that spans the length of the bay which creates epic surf for the wave riders amongst you.


Water Watamu Beach is 5km of powder white sand and we are blessed with crystal blue warm water all year round. What really makes this location special is the reef that sits approximately ½km off the beach which protects the whole bay to give you a flat water riding experience. When the summer swells kick in you also get fantastic waves which range from 2-3m. There are also a number of large sandbars that are ideal to learn to kitesurf from as well as creating that butter smooth flat water which freestyle kitesurfers are always seeking.Wind There are two windy seasons in Watamu, November – April and June – September. They are both trade winds and are named the Kaskhazi and the Kuzi. Both these winds blow cross-onshore making it ideal for learning to kitesurf. The Kaskhazi (November – April): During this season we have warm winds coming from the N-NE that range from 18-25 knts. Your chosen kite sizes would be a 9m and a 12m which you would get equal use of. The Kuzi (June – September): This season is a little cooler but there is still no need for a wetsuit. These cooler winds have a little more power to them with wind speeds ranging up to 30knts. As a result a smaller kite is recommend


All our lessons run according to the BKSA guidelines: Day 1 ( L1.1-3) = €100 Day 2 (L1.4 – L2.1-2) = €100 Day 3 (L2.3-4) = €100 Booked as one course the three day lesson is priced at €279.99. (This course can also be condensed into two days.) We also run private lessons which are €50 p/h.

Equipment rental

Full set up: €80 per day or €25 p/h. Kite only: €50 per day or €16 p/h. Board only: €30 per day or €10 p/h. Accessories: €10 per day

Watamu Kitesurf Club

This is our service provided for all competent kitesurfers living in or visiting Watamu. There are a number of benefits included in the membership package, full details of which can be found on our website. The main components are rescue cover and storage. Membership works on an annual basis at €70 per year.

Contact details

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +254718553355
Skype: tribewatersports